Sustainability in Business

During most of the twentieth century, businesses sought the highest financial profits regardless of the environmental or social consequences. Stockholders expected double digit growth each year, regardless if the industry could realistically support such increases. In many cases, this frenzy resulted in corporate fraud, massive layoffs, and even bankruptcy.

In recent years, the parameters for business success have taken a wider stance. While companies must earn a profit, they are also under scrutiny to set an example for environmental and social responsibility. Because large corporations have realized that this model is the only way to succeed long term, it is quickly becoming accepted business practice. This new business practice is often referred to as the “triple bottom line.” Economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility directly effect each decision made at Bamboo Revolution.

Bamboo Revolution is a responsible, sustainable business. We achieve healthy profits while offering incredibly competitive pricing through the direct pipeline from factory to consumer. We promote our factories’ brands rather than adding another layer of costs by creating our own brand.

Our product, bamboo, is a rapidly renewable resource. Bamboo’s advantages will only increase as it becomes more accepted as the viable replacement to wood. Bamboo Revolution is a member of the 1% For the Planet coalition. We donate at least 1% of annual revenues to organizations dedicated to preserving the environment.

Bamboo Revolution shows social responsibility through its practice of a sustainable business model. Our business model ensures our ability to contribute to both local and overseas economies for years to come. Our practices allow smaller, startup businesses access to benefits normally offered to larger, well-established companies. This contributes to an even playing field, which nurtures true competition. This fair competition is crucial to any local economy and benefits both business owners and consumers equally.

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