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Let’s Grow Together

Last fall, we transplanted live Moso bamboo plants to Oregon from a 100-year-old grove in Louisiana and it began sprouting new shoots this spring here in Oregon.

Lets grow together

Design And Build

Design and Build

Bambo Revolution is a collective of innovators, designers, product developers, and craftsmen who know that bamboo has unlimited potential to enhance our natural environment and create a better built world.

About us

Established in 2005. Bamboo Revolution staffs a full design/build team with extensive experience working with bamboo building materials. We work with both commercial and residential clients on all types of custom jobs. Because of this hands-on experience, our experts can offer production techniques and finishing advice no matter the size of your project.

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Bamboo Renewability

Moso bamboo reaches maturity and can be harvested after four to six years of growth. Compare this to the 30-60 years for any comparable wood...
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Sustainability in Business

Sustainability in Business During most of the twentieth century, businesses sought the highest financial profits regardless of the environmental or social consequences. Stockholders expected double...
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Building Green

Green buildings are not only environmentally optimal but economically as well. They're the most efficient buildings, and the most productive. After studying the hundreds of...
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