Bamboo Flooring

  • Dark Carbonized Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring


Solid Strand Woven Flooring

Bamboo Revolution solid strand woven flooring is nearly twice as hard as traditional bamboo products, perfect for commercial applications and busy households. Our flooring comes pre-finished with BonaKemi Matte Pre-Finish, giving our flooring a natural, low-sheen appearance.

At twice the hardness of red oak, strand woven bamboo flooring is an exceptional choice for commercial applications as well as residential homes. Strand woven bamboo is made from individual slats that are thrashed into thin strips and cold pressed under 1800 metric tons of pressure. Each finished piece has a slightly unique “grain” with a strikingly elegant appearance.

Bamboo Revolution’s strand woven floors come in 6-foot lengths and are 100% solid bamboo. It comes pre-finished with BonaKemi Matte, a low-VOC finish that protects the floor yet maintains a low-gloss, oiled appearance. The finish is under a 25-year warranty for residential use (5 years for commercial).

Strand Woven Floors from Bamboo Revolution are available in Tongue & Groove and floating milling in three colors: Dark Caramelized, Light Caramelized, and Natural. The darkened colors are created by cooking the bamboo, literally caramelizing the plant’s sugars. Thus, no stains are used in our flooring so the color will not change as the finish wears or if it is refinished,

Bamboo Revolution tongue-and-groove floors must be nailed, stapled, or glued to a sub-floor. Our floating floor utilizes the UniClic® locking system, which requires no nails or glue and is indistinguishable from nail-down flooring. To compensate for scrap, Bamboo Revolution recommends a 10% overage.

Tongue & Groove Flooring

  • 4-¾” x 72″ x 9/16″: $5.2

Floating Flooring

  • 4-½” x 72″ x 9/16″: $5.75/SF
Finish BonaKemi Matte Prefinish
Adhesives NAUF (no added formaldehyde)
Installation Methods Tongue & Groove: Nail/staple or glue
UniClic: Floating (no nails or glue)
Warranty Structural: Lifetime
Finish (Residential Use): 25 years
Finish (Commercial Use): 10 years
Dimensional Stability Industry standard:
AR – 50% Relative Humidity: Parallel: 0.04%; Perpendicular: -0.11%; Thickness : -0.34%
50 – 90% Relative Humidity: Parallel: 0.05%; Perpendicular: 0.26%; Thickness: 0.46%
50 – 20% Relative Humidity: Parallel: -0.13%; Perpendicular: -0.23%; Thickness: -0.17%
LEED v3 Credit Opportunities IEQ Credit 4.4: Low-Emitting Materials (No Added Urea Formaldehyde)
MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
MR Credit 7: FSC Certified Available
CARB All Bamboo Revolution products are compliant with California Section 01350


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