Our Mission

Bamboo Revolution is a collective of innovators, designers, product developers, and craftsmen who know that bamboo has unlimited potential to enhance our natural environment and create a better-built world.Bamboo Revolution\’s mission is to deliver a revolution. Our approach and structure is based in the philosophy of holism; thus, the company must be considered as a whole rather than as a sum of its individual parts. We seek to inspire radical change in business practices and offer solutions to the global environmental crisis through leading by example. A revolution does not occur with a new color of flooring or a nifty storage box. The transformation will be achieved by understanding the material literally from the soil to the finished product and every step in between. It will only be realized through hard work, by pushing the boundaries, and by sometimes failing and starting over again. The process cannot be simplified; the journey is the revolution.

Highest Quality Bamboo Products

Since we are a direct manufacturer, we are able to set high standards for our products. Many factories and agents that offer cheaper pricing often provide 1 side A grade / 1 side B grade color matching. Unfortunately, many suppliers do not make their clients aware of this, resulting in industry buyer’s apprehension towards bamboo products as a whole. In a direct response to this situation, we are developing a very specific grading system. It will include slat width tolerances, color matching of both slats within a sheet and color matching between whole sheets. We will guarantee color matching between veneers and panels, and provide our clients with a detailed explanation of our true grading system. This is common in the wood products industry and we intend to make it standard policy for the bamboo industry as well.

We Are Innovators

Bamboo Revolution is the first company to begin growing and harvesting timber bamboo in the U.S. We currently have 3 acres of Moso bamboo propagated locally. Our goal is to reinvigorate the timber industry in Oregon. We are continually developing new and exciting bamboo products. We the only U.S. supplier of bamboo veneer with seamless lengths up to 121”. We also are the only manufacturer that utilizes the newly patented TAP & GO® technology in strand woven solid floating floors. TAP & GO® employs glueless locking technology for a stronger, more precise locking capability making it indistinguishable from standard tongue-and-groove flooring. This product is easy to install, great for radiant heat systems, and is perfect for basement applications.

We Are Bamboo Experts

Bamboo Revolution staffs a full design/build team with extensive experience working with bamboo building materials. We work with both commercial and residential clients on all types of custom jobs. Because of this hands-on experience, our experts can offer production techniques and finishing advice no matter the size of your project.